Wednesday, February 1, 2012

“Listen to the unforgiveable drabble Lucy drenched my day with.  She had the nerve to tell me that she was going to win the school spelling bee, just because she had on a new blue dress.  Does she not understand that the dress only makes you look like a winner not think like one?  She’s sadly mistaken if she thinks she can beat me in a spelling contest.  I’m going to wear my yellow layered skirt with my peasant ruffle shirt.  I can beat her in my sleep!  Speaking of sleep, Rose, did you see that full moon last night?  I banged on the wall hard three times in a row, just like we’d decided, so that we could say goodnight to each other.  You didn’t respond.  Where were you?”  Charlotte demanded.

                “Oh Char, I’m sorry, I missed it!  I fell asleep on the couch watchin’ T.V.  I’ll try to remember tonight.  Thank you so much for the card.  Did Uncle Paul give you my gift and letter?  We think alike, A&W Root beer!”Rosemary said with a laugh.

                “Yep, thanks!  But try and remember tonight ok!  Uncle Paul sent me chocolates and a carnation flower to school for me.  I swindled the box of chocolates into my desk as soon as I could so I didn’t have to share them.”  Rosemary frowned at her.  “I know, I’m supposed to share, but please!  I’ll not share my delightfully dishy, gold boxed chocolates with that egocentric Lucy Hummel!  I was so happy to get chocolates!  It just so happens that I wore my gold sparkly scarf, can you imagine?  I matched my chocolates!”

                While Charlotte continued recapping her day Rosemary said a silent prayer to Manny thanking him for the fact that it was Friday.  Fridays meant Charlotte got to eat dinner with her and play all weekend.

                Rosemary’s living room was small but packed with pure style.  Decorating seemed to come naturally for her.  She had a very unique sense of style.  Comfy and casual with bean bag chairs that luckily she had found online from a place in New York.  She loved the way they swallowed you when you sat in them.  Rosemary had gone the extra mile making her own coffee table using an old window she bought from the local second hand store.  She cleaned, sanded, and stained it in a crimson coffee color and placed it on top of a tan pot for the base.  Rosemary preferred browns, reds, purples, and gold with an occasional splash of orange as her color base.  True to her bohemian nature she utilized other spaces simply with oversized pillows and unexpected accents.  Like the vintage children’s toys that she loved to place on her bookshelves or the oversized letters and words hung on the walls stating to read or dream, with candles placed everywhere of course.

                “Well,” Rosemary said, “let’s order that pizza.”  While she took the Doritos out of the pantry Charlotte grabbed the plates.  All the while Charlotte continued to tell Rosemary of her day and hearing her happy voice chattering was like waking up hearing the birds first thing in the morning.  It was a just wonderful thing!