Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple Pleasures Baskets are now featuring handmade add ins with great detail and flavor!

My Chai tea mix contains Cardamom, an Indian spice, has a sweet, warm taste and an exotic floral aroma.

Most store bought chai tea mixes skip this vital ingredient.
My Chai Tea Mix is made with generous amounts of the best spices!

Simply add this mix to hot water and enjoy.

Well balanced sweetness requires no need to add anything else.

So buy some for yourself snuggle in and sip the warm flavors that will soothe your soul or add it to a gift basket for your favorite person!

Simple Pleasures is also making and selling hand painted chocolates.
You can order them here separately or add them to a basket.


They are cute enough to eat!!
They are so much fun to create!
They look even better in baskets!!

 I also love to create these mug'em gifts!  They are perfect for a smaller gift creation full of coffee, teas, or cocoa!

They can be filled with anything from a comfy pair or fuzzy socks to a bookmark!

The list is endless!!!

The price starts at $15.00 and can be delivered to anywhere in the US or Canada!