Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello everyone!!  I am so very excited to share with you my new crafting corner!

I have been busy! 
 Before my craft corner was created all of my supplies;

Jewelry, scrapbooking, metal stamping, wood burning, etc. etc.

Lived in my walk in pantry, only to one day finally wake up realize that I couldn’t even store my canned soup in there - let alone my various appliances, Tupperware you know all that other stuff that actually belongs in a pantry.  So BOOM I just started cleaning and reorganizing and BOOM again my craft corner was born!



Before these shelving units were filled with books that I had already read and didn’t plan to read again.  So I bagged them up (3 big black garbage sacks to be exact) and donated them to my local library!  They loved them!!

It is so much fun to have my own little corner that I don’t have to worry about!  If I have an unfinished project, I can leave to go cook dinner and come back to it without feeling that it is taking over our kitchen table!

It is so ME!  It reflects my personality!  I like butterflies, I love birds, and I love tons of colors!  I love the saying on the wall!

"Don't let anyone dull your SPARKLE"
I hope to have inspired you to carve your own little corner out of this world and take it for yourself!!