Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crossing the street at the end of the block Rosemary looked down Main Street.  The town of Huckleberry, lakeshore on Lake Tipawee, truly was as charming and enchanting as the name suggests.  The paved cobblestone street in which she was standing was built back in the 1800.  Each stone meticulously maintained as they were when horses and carriages traveled on them.  Lampposts happily lined the lane and were still lit every night, regardless of the weather, which for the most part was sunny, even in winter.  Rosemary didn’t mind the snow it was just part of her Montana life.  Thinking of this fact she pulled her long red wool coat closed and knotted her matching checkered scarf tighter around her neck, it was a bit chillier than she had thought. 

                Starting up the opposite side of the street she passed the “Tackle Shop,” owned by Fred Thompson.  Fishing was a main attraction and hobby for locals and tourists alike, so his store was born out of his hobby as well as necessity.  Fred was the newest shop owner in town.  A couple years ago while Fred and his wife, Vera, were vacationing here they fell in love with Huckleberry, bought this space, and never left. 

                Next of course was the “Produce Market,” owned by Mary Powell.  She supplied the townspeople with most of their fresh fruits and vegetables.  Mary was a nice lady but very shy and quite, she ran her store and kept to herself. 

                Benches were caringly placed in various nooks and walls along the sidewalk so a person could sit a spell if needed and visit passerby’s, or enjoy the flowers, if in season, growing in the pots next to them.              Passing the big shiny windows of “The Gen,” short for general was always bulging of everyday items.  Owner Gus was a bit ruff around the edges but his heart was soft as a marshmallow.  “The Gen,” was complete with a gas station in the back alley, odd place for one but it seemed to work out just fine. 

                 As if on cue in a play Tops stopped and waited in front of the next store, “Boutique,” owned by Bella Shawl which sold clothing designs by Bella Shawl.  This store tended to Huckleberry’s clothing needs.  Bella had wonderful taste in clothing, and fashion, for both men and women.  Out she came running up to Tops with a dog biscuit.  “There’s my girls!” she exclaimed with excitement.  “Just where have you been hiding yourselves?”  She asked, talking more to Tops than Rosemary, as she smothered Tops with affection. 

                 “Hello Bella!”  Rosemary gave Bella a huge hug.  “We have been so busy with stuff I haven’t walked for a week!  Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore you, I have so missed you.  Dinner at Bobby’s tonight?”  Rosemary asked.

                “I know how it is!  Dinner sounds great I can’t stay out here though I’ve got Mrs. Peterson waiting in the dressing room for her size 8 pants, better run!  Love you guys!”  Bella exclaimed as she ran back inside throwing kisses to them over her shoulder.

                “Well Tops.”  Rosemary said to her faithful companion as they crossed back across the street, facing “Paul’s Hardware Store.”  Paul Lewis was the owner as well as uncle to Rosemary’s best friend ever, Lucy Lewis who was 8 years old, Lucy and Rosemary spent ever available moment together.  No one could make Rosemary laugh as hard and long as Lucy.  They knew each other inside and out as well as front to back.  “We had better go get to work as well!”  Walking to her store on the other side of Paul’s and ending where they started, the bell sang as she opened her door to “Buy the Book” beginning her day as well.