Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tye Dye Aprons and Towels for your Kitchen!

I use a 10 step process to ensure a wonderful lasting tye dye product!

These steps are considered old fashioned compared to the fast kits on the market available at local crafts stores, however, through time, trial and error I have developed this wonderful process that I use time and time again!

It takes longer, and is definitely more labor and product intensive BUT WELL WORTH IT!!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I love canning time!  My son and I started growing, canning, and pickling beets 3 years ago when he was just 8 years old!  I look forward to it more and more every year!
My 14 year old daughter is a great help, however, canning and cooking really isn't a passion of hers!
We do the entire process start to finish outdoors on our cook stove.  This way only our hands, feet, and clothes are dyed blood red rather than our whole kitchen!
1.     Harvest them from the garden. 

2.    Soak and scrub the mud off!

3.    Boil them until they are soft.

4.    Hit them with cold water and slide the skins off.

5.    Trim unwanted parts and cut into desired size.

6.    Mix pickling solution boil beets in it.

7.    Fill and process the jars!

It is such a gratifying task that I truly love tending to.  

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