Thursday, July 25, 2013

I believe in the power of simplifying!

Less is MORE!

I pair my items with a meditation and/or a bible verse to help simply life and encourage relaxation.

Use symbolism and the strength that comes with surrounding yourself with the Earth's elements, to maintain balance or healing in your world.

Symbols are very powerful and can be extremely useful tools in the creation of your world or help to heal or create aspects in your world. 

The symbol itself acts like a key that helps you to hone-in on that particular energy. 

When you see the symbol it should invoke an inner need for you to carry it or use it. This feeling of need is a sure sign that you need what that symbol can give you. 

Rocks have a very high energy and Zen. Their traditional properties naturally aid in improving focus and concentration, help with decision-making, improving a positive outlook, promoting creativity, alleviating insomnia, and calming, motivating, and strengthening.

We are all part of the Universe. Made from the ZEN of the Universe. The energy that runs through each of us is from the Universe.

That Universal energy works best for us when we are "in tune" or "in sync" with that energy.

Sometimes we need help getting or staying in tune.

My hand painted rocks can help resolve this. They offer the help we need from time to time to maintain our personal energy systems.