Monday, November 14, 2011

Playing in a Place That Indians Played

We are a hunting family.  The best sandwich I have ever eaten in my life is the one while relaxing on the tailgate of our pick up truck with my husband sitting next to me.  Surrounded with side hills of trees, rocks and dancing deer in The Crazy Mountains of Montana.  This is where and whom my heart and soul belong.

The binding and bonding that happens while on our hunting adventures will not ever be discounted as time wasted, in our book.  Our family (Grandpa, nephews, our children and Tim and I) have shared so many wonderful times together and we are thankful to have created these memories.

It is a wonderful gift from God to be able to explore a place that quite possibly no one other than Indians have ever explored.  This is the gift I relished in yesterday, as we were hunting on the private property of a friend in the prairies of Montana.

Let your imagination go as you look at these pictures I took while exploring with my son as we climbed, laughed and imagined, playing in a place that Indians once played.