Tuesday, November 1, 2011


IMAGINATION!! This is the wonder of kids!~!  Every time I look at little kids playing in the school yard or my own children playing I am in constant awe and fascination at their wonderment and bold limitlessness to be or do literally whatever their hearts desire!!

Only children have this ability.  In the path from childhood to adulthood most everyone somehow has this talent disappear.  We as adults get caught up in everyday responsibilities and tasks.  Most of us loose the Peter Pan affect of Never Never Land where we never want to grow up and most of us become whittled down to just running through our day loosing our imaginations to life.  And this is somewhat normal and okay to an extent.  But I challenge your inner child to just let yourself daydream and imagine only if it is once and a while. 

This will rejuvenate and add charm to your day.  DO IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN!! 
They will appreciate it!!