Sunday, November 27, 2011


Our daughter Shelby got her first deer on Saturday!  It was a Whitetail Buck, with a unique 4x4 rack! 

Hunting, to our family, is not about killing.  It is about living.  We have learned so much over the years about who we are individually, as well as, who we are as a family. 

We are a close family.
We love spending time together.  We love the fresh air and the smell of sagebrush. The sound of a creek flowing over rocks.  Watching deer prance up a side hill effortlessly. 
We are a close family. We love spending time together.

Laughing together.  Sharing together.  Learning together.

My daughter learned alot during her first hunt, and so did we as her family.

We learned the power of a gift.  The power of a sacrifice.  Sometimes giving a gift is a sacrifice.  But it can be worth it.  Any bit of pain that might come with a sacrifice will lessen and will be overshadowed with the glow of giving.

Shelby and my husband generously donated their "trophies" passing up any future chances to brag and bask in the glow of victory. 
They chose to help feed hungry families at the local food bank instead.