Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missing her family and her sisters are just a way of life for Rosemary.  Her parents are sewing their wild oats and traveling all over the world, having raised three daughters.  They are rediscovering each other and celebrating life. 

                Rosemary is the oldest of the three McDougal girls.  She has always been a bookworm and studious type with her nose in a book snuggled into a comfy chair, dreaming of adventure.  Rosemary’s parents displayed fabulous insight in naming the three sisters.  At very young ages they all developed personalities resembling their names.  Rosemary is just as her name sounds, pretty like a rose.  She has a sweet smelling personality with the potential of being prickly and thorny.  The nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”  Sings its’ song in Rosemary’s life, she loves smelling the earth while digging in the dirt planting seeds and seeing them grow.

                  Henna the middle sister, very unique and extremely beautiful with dark henna colored curly hair.  Her personality is every bit as rich and colored as her hair.  One thing for sure was that no one is like Henna.

                Marigold is the sweet baby of the family with a heart of gold.  She is like a ray of sunshine even on a rainy day.  Marigold has a way of making everyone feel important and loved. 
                Although Rosemary misses her sisters drastically she prays daily for their well being and safety.  Hoping also that someday they all cross paths again and wind up on the same road but for now daily life comes and goes tending to erode the time like water running over dirt.  It just disappears.