Tuesday, January 10, 2012

     As she stood back, admiring the busy scene full of festive townspeople, her friends, and even Old Man Roofus, she knew that this was the best present she could have asked for.

      “Is that not the way life is?” she asked Manny.  “Challenges are thrust upon us, and we succeed and gain strength we didn’t know we were capable of.  In the process we learn more about ourselves, our friends, and our lives.  We become enriched by the process.  It’s a present you didn’t expect.  It’s a present worth more than anyone would know to ask for.  That’s the magic of the season, the magic of life.”

     As Rosemary walked into the store for a much needed break, a red envelope on her desk behind the cash register caught her eye.  It bore writing on the front that read: ‘Please don’t open until Valentines’ Day!’  “That’s so far away!” she exclaimed.

     With a sigh, she said aloud, “Thank goodness for Ginger Cream Cookies!”  How else could she make it until February without opening the envelope?